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STaR Project

Another trip around the sun and I’m super excited to start my STaR project once again. An acronym of my children’s names, STaR is a personal photographic journey that aims to capture a daily image of my children for the entire month of January.  When I look back at the last 10 years, it literally takes my breathe away! Time has passed so quickly, but they are still […]


{Merry Christmas} Noosa Photographer

  Wow! What a year it has been! As a small business I aim is to deliver the very best to my clients, for without them I simply couldn’t do what I love. Wishing I could show all the photos I’ve taken this last year….but this little collage might just have to do! Each and every one of my loyal and valued clients are number one […]


2017 awards in review

As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), I choose to regularly participate in industry related events in order to improve my skills. It costs a lot of money to maintain an annual membership and even more to enter events. The crazy thing is, I don’t win any money! So why do it you ask? Because these events push me to improve, which in turn, helps me deliver […]

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{Five} Sunshine Coast Family Photographer

I first met this gorgeous family while swimming in resort pool in Fiji! Ok, so we weren’t really swimming, we were at the bar ordering cocktails….minor details who needs them right! I guess what really blows me away is that 1. when they arrived home they actually remembered my name  2. more that 18 months later I would be photographing them here on the Sunshine Coast! Seriously though, I absolutely […]


{What’s in my bag} Noosa Photographer

So what’s in my bag you ask? What equipment do I use? Well… say I have a stack of amazing equipment would be a lie….reality is I use a small quiver of gear and for good reason too, for I believe less is more! I have one main camera body and three go to lenses that all produce amazing quality images. This very equipment has […]


{Rosella Jam} Handmade gifts

A lover of all all things handmade as well as gardening, the beginning of summer means its a time to harvest the last of my winter crops and begin making pickles and jams to give as gifts over the festive season. The Roselle a species of Hibiscus, also known as the rosella fruit in Australia is easy to grow. It’s an annual or perennial herb or woody-based subshrub, growing to 2–2.5 m tall and the flowers become […]


(Award Winning} A year in review

My AIPP year in review! *Warning Graphic VISUAL Content* Have you ever wanted something so bad, you’ve spent literally years researching and countless hours practicing trying to make it happen? Well, today I feel like I’ve reached a personal goal! As a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), I choose to regularly participate in industry related events in order to improve my skills. It cost […]


{Fine Art Photography} What does it mean?

By definition it has no universally agreed meaning or definition: rather, it refers to an imprecise category of photographs, created in accordance with the creative vision of the camera person. Also known as “photographic art” or”artistic photography“, it is a form of creativity that ignites the fire within my belly! “Some pioneering photographers recognised straight away, that photographs, like paintings, are artificially constructed portrayals: they too had to be […]

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My personal STaR project 2016

Every year, for the entire month of January, I take on a personal photography project to capture a memory a day of my little loves! I call it my STaR project, for it carries the initials of my three little ‘stars’ Styder, Tias and Rivalee. This is our 2016 collection, that currently adorn the walls of my home and feature in a lovely album to cherish as the years go […]