Christmas 2018 {The spirit of giving}

The silly season has just begun and I’m already feeling a little sad about how materialistic this world has become.
Whilst I’m all for the spirit of giving, our lives are already so full of stuff and plastic landfill products made in China, do we really need more?
Maybe if we took some time to think about what we giving it would make such a difference and 

What kind of message are we sending our children?

This Christmas my efforts will be focused on the importance of giving rather than receiving and my goal is to buy local in the hope it supports small businesses who are tying to make ends meet and achieve their dreams just like me!
Here are just a few of the touching gifts I will be giving this Christmas;
  • Taking my husband for a romantic date at an amazing local restaurant Rock Salt.
  • For my kids, I’m making little vouchers to be redeemed though out the year and will include quality time spent together such as adventures and trips away as a family.
  • I’m also getting my children a standuppaddle board from our local supplier xplor4
  • For my little nieces and nephews a beautiful signed book written by local midwife Vicki Chan LibbiLouVenturesOut.
  • Taking some of my best girl friends for a special lunch to Gibsons in Noosa.
  • Making pesto, fresh tomato and basil sauce, as well as batches of rum balls for friends and family.
  • Giving neighbours bunches of parsley, rosemary, thyme and flowers I’ve grown from my garden.
  • For some of ‘my’ pregnant mum’s, a pregnancy yoga class with Karen from Fit for Birth
  • I’m giving the gift of time and effort to Heartfelt: delivering the gift of photographic memories to families who have experience loss. (Donations are appreciate and are tax deductible!)
  • I’m sending a donation to FreMo Medical and Birth Centre. Moffat and his team serve the women of the Kawangware slum in Nairobi, Kenya and need all the support they can get.
  • Last but not least, I’m purchasing something special for my family! Being a professional photographer, means I take hundreds if not thousands of photographs of my family every year, but I’ve realised, I’m rarely in any of them! Surely my kids deserve to see their mummy in pictures too? So, I’ve booked a family photographic session with lovely local photographer, Bec, from Sunshine Photography. Excited is an understatement, for this means I’m finally going to have some beautiful photographs (not just a selfie!) that capture the love I have for my family. I can’t wait to hang Bec’s works of art on my wall, so my children can literally SEE how much their mummy loves them every single day!

I would love to hear what you’re giving this Christmas.

Rebecca x