The following steps guide you on what to do next.

These steps ensure I can deliver quickly and effectively to all my clients. If you have any questions or need help, just ask.

1 – View your images

  • Before accessing your gallery, read this page and add your full name at the bottom.
  • Then, click ‘Go to gallery’ to be redirected to Pixie Set, where your images are securely stored.
  • All images undergo color corrections and enhancements. Any black-and-white conversions serve as examples of what you can expect after placing your order.

2 – Create a favourite list

  • Enter your email and create your favourite list by clicking the heart icon.
  • Share my email with others we’ve photographed so they can do the same. While the platform doesn’t compare lists, selecting favorites can lead to enjoyable discussions.
  • I can monitor the gallery activity, but no action will be taken until you’ve submitted an order form. You have 7 days to finalize selections, so please prioritize to avoid additional charges.

3 – Extras and upgrade options

  • Stick to your chosen package or purchase additional images by revisiting the prices and optional add-ons.
  • If you’ve already opted for the all-inclusive Showcase Package, you can skip this step.
  • If you desire additional enhancements for your edited images, I provide both Lite and Premium services. Use the order form to detail your requests. I’ll assess the feasibility and provide an invoice accordingly.

4 – Submit a final order form

  • Access the final order form through the email that granted you access to this page.
  • This is your opportunity to provide some feedback, a testimonial, and/or a Google review.
  • I’ll review your order. If needed, remove bystanders on the beach, and provide a link to download.

5 – Download your images

  • Your memories are incredibly valuable, and it’s my top priority to ensure they’re securely in your possession.
  • Please download your images within the first 14 days of your gallery going live and before it takes a break. To do so, enter your gallery, locate the download arrow button on the right, and follow the prompts.
  • Make sure to complete the download process twice to obtain both the original and web-sized images. For added peace of mind, create a backup copy on your computer.
  • Keep in mind that the file sizes range from 5 to 30MB, requiring a computer, external hard drive, or sufficient cloud space.
  • If you need more time to select or download your images, you can extend your gallery access by paying an additional $25 weekly hosting fee until all orders are fulfilled.

6 – Explore Printing Options

  • Once your files are secured, I’ll extend your gallery hosting for three months. This gives you time to consider your printing options and conveniently place any orders.
  • Your gallery is linked to Australia’s top print lab for convenient drop-shipping. Click ‘Print Store’ below the main image to view options and explore expert printing advice here
  • For those holding gift cards, a code will be provided for use at the checkout.
  • Feel free to invite your family members to the gallery. They can use their email addresses to order prints as desired.

7 – Gallery Expiry

  • After three months, your gallery will expire, and images will be deleted.
  • Before it expires, please ensure you have at least two copies for peace of mind
  • If future access is needed, be mindful of the $100 fee.


  • As a friendly yet serious reminder, capturing images from this gallery in any form, including screenshots, copying, extracting, or tampering with the watermark, is strictly prohibited. Such actions will be considered theft and a violation of copyright law in Australia.
  • You have the right to utilise and reproduce the ordered images only for non-commercial purposes. Modifying the images, such as adjusting, cropping, resizing, distorting, or applying filters, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, selling or profiting from the images, including commercial purposes, reproductions, selling, or distribution to individuals who haven’t purchased them, such as vendors, models, agencies, or competitions, is not allowed. If third parties are interested in obtaining copies of the images, they must contact me directly.
  • If you plan to use social media to showcase the photos, I kindly request that you mention and credit me, the artist, using the designated identity tag. Your support means the world to me, thank you.
ADMIN NOTICE: Check gallery link set for this redirect.