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Sunshine Coast Natural Newborn Baby Photographer {Little Darling}

Absolutely beautiful! We had the most amazing newborn photography experience from start to finish!  Rebecca Colefax welcomed us at the front door of her home studio and made to feel comfortable in a lounge area prior to the photo shoot commencing. We felt extremely comfortable leaving our precious children in the care of Rebecca to capture absolutely beautiful images that we will treasure forever. My husband […]


Choosing a Newborn Photographer for your precious baby {Things to look for with Rebecca Colefax}

Are you scouring the internet looking trying to find the perfect photographer to expertly capture some your beautiful new baby? Before you make a decision, please consider these important points; Is the photographer experienced enough to capture your baby safely? Although some newborn poses may look cute (hanging baskets, standing upright etc) its important to note; these poses must be done safely and responsibly! Experienced photographers like myself NEVER put your baby […]


Sunshine Coast and Noosa Newborn Photographer {Newborn Safety Explained with Rebecca Colefax}

I truly have the best job in the world! Not only do I get to meet, cuddle and photograph tiny little miracles, I also provide parents with beautiful memories that they will treasure forever! As much as this sounds like heaps of fun, parents are hiring me because I take their baby’s safety, comfort and best interest seriously!   I always have a plan for newborn sessions and constantly communicate […]


Noosa Newborn and Family Photographer {4 years between}

POSITIVE, RELEXED AND VERY PROFESSIONAL! Rebecca is always highly professional and her home studio in Noosa is fabulous. She creates a very relaxed and comfortable environment for newborn sessions and has a very gentle and loving touch with newborns, always keeping them safe throughout the shoot. Having had several shoots previously with Rebecca, we immediately felt comfortable and relaxed with her. Rebecca started our shoot […]


Noosa Newborn Photographer {Baby Boy Blue}

My husband and I are so pleased that we chose Rebecca to photograph our newborn son, Jesse. We felt very relaxed and comfortable in her home studio located in Noosa. She has it set out really nicely for families to be able to enjoy the experience. I was grateful for the quick nap too!!! She was amazing with Jesse, and took her time to soothe […]


Media Coverage – Huff Post

When the Huff Post shares a feature story on you, you have to blog about it…right! http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/mom-gets-up-close-and-personal-with-babies-in-intriguing-photos_us_593561b2e4b0c242ca25c378


{Little darling} Newborn Photographer Noosa

If you like what you see, feel a connection with my work or have some questions please send me a message, I would love hear from you ūüôā Office hours are Monday ‚Äď Friday 9am-5pm View more of my work on Instagram and Facebook  

Rebecca Colefax Photography-5.jpg

{Rainbow Baby} Noosa Newborn Photographer

If you like what you see, feel a connection with¬†my¬†work¬†or have some questions please¬†send me a¬†message,¬†I¬†would¬†love¬†hear from you ūüôā CLICK HERE FOR SESSION FEES AND PACKAGE PRICES I appreciate your time and message, so please expect a reply within 24-48 hours if not sooner! My hours of business are Monday¬†‚Äď Friday 9am-5pm. View more of my work on¬†Instagram¬†and¬†Facebook


{Birth Photography} Sunshine Coast Photography

Birth photography!¬† Now, more than ever, birthing women and families have the freedom to choose what is right for them and what will make their hearts happy. This¬†freedom to choose empowers people.¬†Utilising resources to strengthen our perception of what is right for us, regardless of what others may think, generates a greater sense of awareness, gratitude and fulfillment that nurtures the soul.¬† In all the¬†years […]


{Digital Photographs} Noosa Photographer

Having a professional take your photographs¬†is one thing, having them turn them¬†into a piece of art¬†is another! Don’t get me wrong, the digital world we live in¬†amazes me everyday, yet it also makes me sad to think that¬†beautiful images like these are simply becoming a 3¬†second like and¬†are¬†no longer gracing the walls of homes! ¬† But where do you start? There are so many wonderful […]


{New baby} Sunshine Coast newborn and baby photographer

This beautiful couple came to visit me for a newborn photographic session almost three years ago and in what seems like a blink of the eye, their brand new little baby boy is not so little anymore! How blessed am I that they came back into my studio for another newborn session, but this time I had the honour of photographing their beautiful, brand new little girl! Mum and dad requested […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography-8.jpg

{Twins} Newborn Photographer

One of my most favourite things to photograph is twins! And these little brothers were perfect in every single way! Relaxed and cool as can be, they rocked there newborn session in no time at all.

Rebecca Colefax Photography-3.jpg

{Pregnancy} Sunshine Coast Maternity Photographer

Noosa Heads is a¬†magical location! Renowned for its glorious¬†beach scape’s and sunny¬†weather, and I am lucky enough to call it home. It dosen’t matter whether¬†I’m photographing families, children, beautiful pregnant bellies or weddings, Noosa is and will always be my¬†most favourite place to photograph, and I get to do it everyday! Can someone pinch me!

Rebecca Colefax Photography-21.jpg

{Little one} Newborn Photographer

They are only this little for such a short time, cherish¬†them with all your might! Click this link for basic¬†package and price information.¬†If you have further questions or wish¬†to make a booking, send us¬†a message and we’ll reply with the detailed information that’s right for you! We appreciate your enquiry and will respond within 48 business hours, Monday¬†– Friday 9am-5pm. View more of Rebecca’s work […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography-66.jpg

{Twin Brothers} Newborn Photographer

‘Twins’ –¬†two offspring produced by the same pregnancy.¬†A double blessing,¬†alike¬†yet so¬†different. The thing I love most of all about¬†photographing¬†twins is¬†the opportunity to¬†capture the beautiful bond they share. And¬†how lucky are these little boys to have such a caring fairy princess¬†sister. Click this link for basic¬†package and price information.¬†If you have further questions or wish¬†to make a booking, send us¬†a message and we’ll reply with the […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography - Claire Blessingway-287.jpg

{Jetsetmama Baby Blessing} – In the spirit of love

Not only is this lady¬†beautiful on the inside and out, she‚Äôs warm, friendly, funny¬†and¬†endearing¬†all at once. If you¬†are not already following¬†@JetSetMama,¬†you’re missing out! I personally love the way she enthusiastically shares her everyday¬†adventures, her relatable and refreshing blog posts will make you sigh¬†and¬†giggle with¬†her¬†genuine approach to life. She tackles the good, the bad and the ugly parts of parenting with unprecedented honesty, and whilst doing […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1.jpg

{One year on} Newborn to Baby

Every time this gorgeous little baby girl comes to visit me, I smile from ear to ear. Her beautiful family¬†committed to documenting her first year in the most special way.¬†So it’s here I am pleased to present her newborn, six month and one year portraits which are now in a beautiful frame hanging in her¬†home¬†‚ô• Click this link for basic¬†package and price information.¬†If you have […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography-62.jpg

{Homecoming} In pictures

Bringing your baby home from the hospital for the very first time can often bring up many mixed emotions, especially if it’s¬†your first child! Some may feel nervous or¬†terrified, others excited or relived.¬†What ever your feelings, they are right for you and completely normal. This beautiful couple were excited and celebrated their baby’s¬†homecoming¬†with a personalised newborn¬†session in the comfort of their own¬†home. We¬†took our time […]

Rebecca Colefax Photography-11.jpg

{Maternity} timeless photographs

Little Cove is located in the heart of Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and is¬†one of my favourite places to photograph. It’s¬†also really close to the most awesome¬†ice-cream shop in the world….so for me and the families I photograph, its a win, win situation ūüėČ Seriously, whether I’m photographing couples, families, children, baby’s¬†or¬†expectant¬†mothers, the white sandy beach, crystal clear water, rocky outcrops, and the […]


{Gorgeous} Newborn Studio

Welcome to our¬†‘new’¬†purpose built studio, located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast is designed your¬†comfort¬†in mind ‚ô• Located in the heart of Noosa Heads, and nestled within beautiful parklands, it¬†feels¬†like its in a world of its own! It offers a¬†private and calm space for maternity sessions as well as a¬†delightfully warm¬†and¬†clean environment to create your newborn works of art. Full¬†of gorgeous natural¬†colours and textures, delicately […]