Choosing a Newborn Photographer for your precious baby {Things to look for with Rebecca Colefax}

Are you scouring the internet looking trying to find the perfect photographer to expertly capture some your beautiful new baby?

Before you make a decision, please consider these important points;

  1. Is the photographer experienced enough to capture your baby safely? Although some newborn poses may look cute (hanging baskets, standing upright etc) its important to note; these poses must be done safely and responsibly! Experienced photographers like myself NEVER put your baby at risk and use photoshop and post processing techniques to achieve the look you’re after!
  2. How long has the photographer been working with newborns? How many newborns have they photographed? Do they use an assistant or allow you to participate to keep your baby safe?
  3. Do the babies in the photographer’s portfolio look comfortable and peaceful? A strained face or claw like fingers may be indicators the baby is uncomfortable. Seeing a few of these characteristics in the photographer’s work is expected, but if the majority of their work looks this way you may want to think twice!
  4. Does the photographer attended newborn workshops and display experience and knowledge in physiology and safe handling techniques?
  5. Is the photographer a participating member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers? Participation in the AIPP industry awards is a good indicator that you are dealing with a professional and your baby is in good hands!
  6. Does the photographer have their immunisation status up to date?

I hope you found this information useful? As you can see, I am passionate about making your photographic experience a beautiful one!  Be sure to get in touch if you like what you see ♥

Rebecca x