Popular Noosa Photographic Locations with Rebecca Colefax {Noosa Photographer}

Sunrise and sunset sessions are my most requested type of shoots. Simply because the natural light has a beautiful soft glow and add’s a little touch of magic to your photographs.

As the sun moves higher in the sky and away from the horizon, the brighter and more stark the photos become. Both are beautiful, just depends on the look you are after.

Before every shoot I always speak to you to determine the look your wanting to achieve then choose a location / time to best suit the environmental conditions and your vision.


Below are a few examples of the locations I use regularly use, simply to show you the difference in resulting colours according to the time they are taken.

Although my photos look like you’re on the beach alone, I guarantee this is not the actual case. I like to ensure each and every photograph is perfect, so take the time to remove objects and random beach goers that may distract the overall feel of the photograph. I do this because its important to me that you receive the attention and care your deserve, quality work, as well as memories to cherish for always.

Its important to note, the sun moves in orientation throughout the year and the weather changes on a daily and monthly basis. I can not guarantee the weather or exact colour replication…but I’ll do my best to ensure they are just as AMAZING!

Location: Sunshine Beach, Sunrise 

Location: Sunshine Beach, Mid Morning 

Location: Noosa Main Beach, Sunrise 


Location: Noosa Main Beach, Mid Morning

Location: Noosa Main Beach, Sunset

Location: Noosa Main Beach Bushland Cove, Mid Morning 

Location: Noosa Main Beach Bushland Cove, Late Afternoon 


Location: Noosa River, Sunset

Location: Little Cove, Sunset 

Location: Noosa National Park, Sunset


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