Having a baby and considering Newborn Photography? {Natural Newborn Photos}

When a brand new little baby enters the world, parents can and should take as many photographs as possible!

The first days fly past so very quickly, and there are a million little memories to capture and immortalise before the weeks turn into months and months into years!

I like to call these types of photographs ‘lifestyle’ images and I’ve hundreds of them myself! As a matter of fact, when my babies were born I  kept a small little instamatic camera on hand and I took images nearly every waking moment. These images are straight out of a camera and as raw as the come, and when I look back even the out of focus ones are still special to me.

In contrast to these point and shoot ‘lifestyle’ photographs, ‘posed’ newborn photography is every type of newborn image that appears throughout my website. Whether or not the newborn baby is in a prop, placed in a sleepy curled up position, or simply being held in their parents arms, ‘posed’ newborn photography requires a professional who is experienced and skilled in working with brand new babies.

Maintaining the safety of all my clients is paramount, especially when there are tiny little people involved. You can be rest assured I’ve a well-equipped, studio with everything required to make you and your little one’s experience just right. Newborn sessions are always very relaxed and the rewards are definitely worth it!

To have quality images that capture the entire ‘newness’ of your babies first few days is priceless, and I absolutely guarantee you wont regret it!

Rebecca x

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