Home Sessions

I come to you to capture beautiful memories within your own home. These sessions are natural and candid and do not involve any props or studio equipment and I will choose the rooms with the best natural light for the photos.

To prepare for the shoot it would be great if you could do a quick tidy-up of the rooms where we will likely be shooting, such as the main bedroom, and living area. If we shoot in the main bedroom, it might be nice to have a clean and neutral-coloured bedspread and pillows but only if possible.

You do NOT need a perfectly clean house!

Studio sessions

Ensuring your safety and well-being is my top priority at all times.

Newborns between 9 am – 1 pm Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Studio. My studio, located at 46 Honey Myrtle Road Noosa Heads, is a dedicated space designed for capturing maternity and newborn photos. It’s a private and relaxed residential setting with ducted heating and cooling, as well as an abundance of natural light. The studio is a clean environment with delicate fabrics and beautiful props available to create stunning works of art.

Before your session. If possible try to give your baby some “awake time” before your session. If they are not sleepy, please don’t worry. I’ll capture them as they are and let the session flow naturally. Dress them in something easy to remove so we can get started quickly. Please ensure that young children are well-rested and have had enough to eat before the session.

What to bring. Please bring enough formula if you bottle-feed your baby, or be prepared for cluster feeding if you breastfeed. Everyone must stay hydrated during the session. Babies may take some time to settle into a comfortable position, so having a dummy on hand can be helpful. Feel free to bring any special heirloom items you would like included in the photoshoot. For the photoshoot, babies will be photographed without a nappy, so it’s recommended to bring a spare change of clothes for you as well.

Styling. To ensure that I can provide you with the desired outcome, please inform me of any specific requests before your session. Certain styles may require additional time to set up and execute, and communicating your vision beforehand will allow me to prepare and meet your expectations.