Blended Family photos on the Sunshine Coast

Rebecca’s warm and friendly manner made the entire experience very comfortable, especially for my stepdad who gets very camera shy. Her encouragement helped him get through the shoot and she made us all feel beautiful when the photos were taken.

I love Rebecca’s ethos and why she takes photographs. I feel her subject focus really suited my idea for the shoot, and as a friend, I wanted to support her, especially after I’ve seen her other work.

My family is very photo shy and were very apprehensive, but Rebecca made it super casual and friendly so they  warmed up enough to enjoy taking the photos.

We are so thrilled with the photos. They were better than what I could have ever imagined and I was so excited that I finally had some snapshots of our blended family. The quality was spectacular.

I would definitely recommend Rebecca Colefax Photography because of her professional but warm nature, her incredible photography skills and her easily understood information packages, which made the whole experience easier. In one word our experience was AWESOME! 

Thanks Rebecca. My family is so happy! This has been such an awesome experience, we can’t thank you enough!