Australian Newborn Photographer {Paloma Schell Backdrop Stand}

To be honest, photographing newborns on a beanbag has never been a favourite of mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the simplicity of these photographs but it had really become hard work so I more or less stopped offering these captures to clients. That is until now!

Lecturing at a recent Newborn and Family Congress in Brazil, I came across a product I’d not seen before and quickly realised what I’ve been missing out on. A Paloma Schell backdrop stand!

Before I go any further let me just say, this is not a paid advertisement, I’m simply sharing how great this product is and how much its helped me.

Hopefully these tips will help you too.















Considering my old beanbag was on its last legs, I decided that the CLASSIC STAND BY PALOMA SCHELL was the one for me! 

If my old bean bag was still in good shape I may have only purchased the ROUND BACKDROP STAND BY PALOMA SCHELL however, in comparison the Paloma’s Beanbag is the perfect fit for the stand as its a little bit higher than my old one.

I’m pleased I purchased for the whole kit for the perfect fit!


As you can see, I’ve a natural light studio with four very large windows. I’ve applied frosting to the glass as well as sheer curtains to filter the light, but sometimes there’s too much light and other times not enough. So I’ve also installed a set of heavier curtains that run through the centre of the space to block some available light if needed.

In the past I would move my backdrops stands according to the light which is constantly coming and going. This meant all my blankets would also have to shift. Reset backdrops every time the light moved not only wasted time during a session, I’d also have the issue of creases, and a lot more work to do post production. A major pain in the butt!

Then Paloma Schell stand comes along! SHE IS MOVEABLE! This means I can move it as many times as I need thought a session and never have to reset my blankets! I no longer waste time and I’ve also less work to do in post proaction because the backdrop is always smooth and flawless! 

Oh and it takes up less space in my studio. Seriously this is the best thing since sliced bread!




I also invested in the BABY BEDTIME . If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, its the circular cushion (seen below) that gently vibrates to soothe the baby.  When placed on the floor and under the beanbag it is AMAZING!

To be honest, at first I couldn’t figure out how to plug it in to the wall! But as it turns out, all you need is a old mobile phone charger and it good to go! I love things that aren’t battery powered!

Paloma and her team have some awesome products available that have certainly made my sessions a whole lot simpler and way more enjoyable!

Rebecca x

PS. The back clicker in my hand is my off camera shutter release and is not needed to run the product.