Australian Newborn Photographer Studio Equipment {Paloma Schell Backdrop Stand}

To be honest, I love the simplicity of a blanket/beanbag setup for newborn baby, yet the equipment I’d been using for the last 9 years made it feel like really hard work!

Whilst lecturing at a Newborn and Family Congress in Brazil last year, I came across a product I’d never seen before and quickly realised it was exactly what I needed!

Now before I go any further, let me just say, this is not a paid advertisement. I’m simply sharing how great this product is and how much its helped me. Hopefully it will help you too!


I invested in the ROUND BACKDROP STAND BY PALOMA SCHELL and am thrilled I did. The beanbag is quite a bit higher than my old one, so it’s less back breaking work and fits in the stand perfectly.

Working with natural light can be challenging at the best of times. With my old backdrop stand I would have to move the entire setup to suit the ever changing light source. Wasting heaps of time reseting blankets and fixing backdrop creases in post production was a major pain in the butt!

The Paloma Schell stand is MOVEABLE, and these days I never have to reset my blankets nor waste time in post proaction fixing creases. The backdrops are always smooth and flawless. Seriously, this is the best thing since sliced bread!


As you can see, I’ve a natural light studio with four very large windows. I’ve applied frosting to the glass as well as sheer curtains to filter the light. I’ve also installed a set of heavier curtains that run through the centre of the space to block light if needed. The Paloma stand doesn’t take up much room, and can be moved around the studio simply and easily.




I also invested in the BABY BEDTIME . If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, its the circular cushion (seen below) that gently vibrates to soothe the baby.  When placed on the floor and under the beanbag it is AMAZING!

At first I couldn’t figure out how to plug it in to the wall! But as it turns out, all you need is a old mobile phone charger and it good to go! I love things that aren’t battery powered!

Paloma and her team have certainly made my sessions a whole lot simpler and way more enjoyable, and I highly recommend their products to any newborn photographer.

Rebecca x

PS. The back clicker in my hand is from my off camera shutter release. It is not required for this setup or products.