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When I walk into my parents home, generations of family images great me at the door. Most of pictures are still images with not merely a hint of expression wherein the subjects are idly sitting on chairs without showing unnecessary movements, snapped under limited lighting with large format cameras and slow film. Because of the extremely long exposure times they really didn’t have much choice but the resulting photos are formal and stiff, and I can imagine that as a child they could quite possibly look a little scary!

These days family portraits are often taken at a location that holds special meaning to the family and members are able to actively take part in their photography session and most importantly have fun doing it. The results are clearly emotive, beautiful, and real – they are life! Just like storytelling these types of portraits enable us to remember not only the faces but also the laughter, and memorable moments but also the connection we had with one another.

Images like these are more than just historical record of Nicole and her beautiful family, they are universal truth that speaks of their innocence and their love for one another.  I believe displaying family photography on the walls of your home sends a strong message to those who live there and everyone who enters it,  images displayed proudly say load and clear ‘this is my family and they mean more to me than anything else in the world’.

I’ve visited quite a few homes over the past year and would have to say 80% of them had not a single picture of their family on the wall. I am hoping that if this is you and your reading this, you will prioritise getting some beautiful family images taken of you and your loved ones before time slips by and moments like these are gone. Contact me today if you’d like something like this for your family to enjoy.

Rebecca x


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