Follow these steps to know what to do next.

1 – View the images

To access the gallery and view the beautiful collection of fully edited and enhanced digital photographs kindly take a moment to read this entire page.

Then, at the bottom, add your full name, and click the ‘Go to gallery’ button to embark on a visual journey.

5 – Download the images

Click the arrow button under the main image to download the original and web-sized versions of the photos.

You will need to do this process twice to ensure you have both versions.

It is advised that you complete it within the next 10 days and before the gallery goes offline.

I recommend creating a minimum of two backup copies for peace of mind.


  • I have structured my timelines to maintain a swift turnover of thousands of images and guarantee efficient delivery to all my clients. Your collaboration in promptly selecting and downloading them is greatly appreciated.
  • If you need more time, you can request to extend the gallery access by paying an additional $25 weekly hosting fee until all orders are completed. Once the gallery is removed from my server, a $50 fee is required to reinstate an archived gallery.
  • You have the right to utilise the images strictly for the commercial purposes you hired me for. This allows you to use and reproduce the photos for your business purposes, including the right to crop and resize them as needed.
  • Modifications, such as distorting, or applying filters are strictly prohibited. Additionally, you are not permitted to sell or profit from the images, this includes refraining from using them for non-related commercial purposes, granting reproductions, copying, selling, or distributing to individuals such as suppliers, models, agencies, competitions, and external parties who have not purchased them. If other parties are interested in obtaining copies, they should contact the photographer directly.
  • High-resolution images are provided for your printing needs, such as in-store promotions or for publications.
  • Low-resolution images are provided for email and internet use, such as on your reels, stories, posts, and website/store. If you wish, you can also share these images with your suppliers, models, and external parties, but they must agree to the specified terms outlined below and use this gallery.
  • When publicly displaying the photos or albums on social media, posts, reels, and stories, all contributors must receive proper recognition. This entails acknowledging and utilizing designated ‘tag’ identities for the photographer and, when applicable, other collaborators. Failure to comply will result in the issuance of an invoice.
  • Your website and advertisements do not require credit to the photographer, but if a magazine, newspaper, or publication features an article they must give proper credit including yours, your models, and the photographer’s names.
  • Anyone interested in purchasing and obtaining additional low or high-resolution copies agrees to contact the photographer. An invoice will be issued and upon completion, images will be delivered.
  • As a friendly yet serious reminder, it is strictly prohibited to capture the images from this gallery in any way. This includes screenshots, copying, extracting, or tampering with the watermarks. Such actions will be regarded as theft and a violation of copyright law in Australia.
  • Should you have any questions or need assistance at any point, please feel free to reach out. I’m more than happy to guide you through the process. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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If you intend to share the images with your suppliers, models, external partners, and publishing entities, we’ll need to explore your preferences and customize the download settings accordingly.

For instance, you may choose to permit the retrieval of either all low-resolution images or specific ones. Alternatively, you might decide to supply only a restricted number of high-resolution images for publication purposes.

Let’s have a discussion, and I can provide you with an example.