{Noosa Springs} Wedding

It is with great pleasure that I share, a little look into Jack and Rinique’s beautiful wedding held at The Noosa Springs Golf Course on the 22nd April 2017. A picture perfect day!

Things started out, shall we say….wet! And the rain clouds looked like they were here to stay! So the question of an outdoor ceremony was hot on everyone’s minds. But as luck would have it, the clouds disappeared just in time for a beautiful ceremony full of giggles and happy smiles!

Jack and Rinique would like to share these photos with you, as well as personally thank all their family and friends for helping celebrate their special day.

Enjoy x

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-c40.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-3-c77.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-5-c25.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-6-c56.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-4-c31.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-7-c99.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-10-c70.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-9-c27.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-2-c52.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-8-c70.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-11-c42.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-12-c70.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-13-c67.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-14-c99.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-15-c65.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-16-c59.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-17-c84.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-18-c82.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-19-c13.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-20-c84.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-21-c8.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-22-c99.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-23-c2.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-24-c26.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-25-c33.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-26-c60.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-27-c39.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-28-c89.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-29-c27.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-30-c93.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-31-c68.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-32-c30.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-33-c98.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-34-c24.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-35-c21.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-36-c38.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-37-c32.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-38-c30.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-39-c60.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-40-c21.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-41-c5.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-42.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-43.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-44.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-45.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-46.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-47.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-48.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-49.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-50.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-51.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-52.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-53.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-54.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-55.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-56.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-57.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-58.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-62.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-60.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-61.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-59.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-63.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-64.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-65.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-66.jpg

The amazing team of professionals who helped create this magical day. In no particular order;

Location: Noosa Springs 

Event Planning: First Class Functions

Dress: Made with love Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Goddess by Nature

Makeup: Jenna Turner Makeup Artistry 

Hair: Evalyn Parsons Hair

Florist: Ginger Lily and Rose Floral Studio

Celebrant: Lorna Gibb Marriage Celebrant 

Cake: Gwen Bain Cakes

Band: The White Tree Band 

Photo Booth: ‘In The Booth’ Photo Booth

Spray Tan: RB Aesthetics

Photographer: Rebecca Colefax Photography Assistant Photographer: Riana Bartlet

Rings: Michael Hill

Suits: Joe Black

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