{Why invest} in professional ‘quality’ photographs?

While some parents appreciate and value securing a professional photographer to capture their pregnancy, birth and or first few moments of their little baby’s life.

Some search the internet looking for the ‘cheapest’ photographer hoping they’ll still get a stack of amazing ‘quality’ images!

Regardless of the profession or product you are seeking, the words  ‘cheapest quality’ is really an oxymoron ! To me the words “cheapest quality photography” simply means a terrible experience, inferior images and bad service.

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I’ve had clients who, have cut too many corners early on and by the time they came to me, they were either no longer pregnant or had almost completely missed the very small window of opportunity (first 12 days) in which they could get those beautiful curled up newborn pictures. You can never get this time back so not capturing these special moments can be devastating!

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Make no mistake, you DO NOT require a mortgage to capture your pregnancy, birth and or newborn images, but you do want to create beautiful memories designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

So for quality images with an experienced professional—one who knows how to make you look your best (even though you may not feel it), takes her time to listen and nurture your new baby while capturing those adorable images you so long for and most importantly, provides a friendly happy service, your  investment is more than worthwhile…….I absolutely guarantee it!

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My clients love their quality photographs and their testimonials validate the value and pure delight they feel because they did it right! After all, you really do get what you pay for.

Rebecca x

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