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It was 2014 and my husband and three children were fast asleep. The house was peacefully quiet and still.

I sat at my computer and started looking through photos of my little girl and in the silence of the evening I began reminiscing about the moment she was born.

Then I found it, a small group of photos that I never knew I had! I opened them one by one and tears of joy start streaming down my face.

For the first time, I could see my pregnant body with my husband’s hands gently supporting me. I could see my baby’s head as it began to emerge and the look of joy on my face when she arrived. It was almost like I could relive the moment all over again….but this time with no pain! Most of the photos were fuzzy (expect for this one), yet they were like new found treasure to me!

My tears of joy quickly turned to ones of sadness, for in my heart, I realised I didn’t have any photos like this of my other two children! This realisation hit me hard!

So I questioned why! Why did I document so many other moments in my life, my world travel, university degree, marriage and even my career as a high profile sports woman. But didn’t document my most amazing achievements, the most magical and empowering moments of my entire life, the birth of my babies!

It was then I decided to offer birth photography, for women just like me! I had never seen anyone offer Birth Photography before, so I was determined to provide women with a choice, an opportunity to capture what may be one of their most magical moments.

Years later, I am blessed to have witnessed so many journey’s of love and feel humbled to have been contributing towards a positive birth movement for women.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with Birth Photography, I for one am grateful that in this day and age, women have the freedom to choose what is right for them!

Rebecca x

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-15

Photo taken and supplied by my fabulous friend and midwife Jenny Blyth


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