• Celebrating family

    We could not have been happier with the professionalism, friendly nature, the efficiency of time, and amazing end results that were offered by Rebecca. Everything was clear and easy to understand, the turnaround time was awesome, and her personality is very suited to the role. Highly recommend.

  • Family is everything – Noosa Photoshoot

    Rebecca is a truly wonderful photographer! We had such a relaxed and fun time during our session and felt like we’d known her for years. We are so happy and grateful to have these memories captured in such a beautiful way. I’m already planning our next family photos with her!

  • Family of 4 holiday to Noosa

    Thank you Rebecca for such a wonderful photoshoot! Since we were on holiday in Noosa we were a bit stressed about getting photos done with small kids, but you made the whole experience wonderful and relaxing from start to finish.

  • Noosa Picnic, Vowel Renewal & Photoshoot

    Noosa Picnics and Rebecca’s photos were chill and romantic and everything that we wanted. We were a little nervous at the beginning but Katrina and Rebecca made us all feel at ease, and the setting and pictures came out exactly how we wanted. Magical! So happy! Thanks, Noosa Picnics, and Rebecca…

  • Celebrating birthdays with a family photography shoot in Noosa

    Rebecca’s photography was a stand out from other options because of her Natural looking photos with relaxed-looking family interaction. All the steps were very easy and progressed as they should and we felt relaxed the whole way through, beginning to end. Rebecca was SUPER quick with her turn around and…

  • Family Holidays in Noosa

    I loved the style of her photographs, along with the many positive reviews. Rebecca responded quickly to my request and answered all my questions so it just felt right for our first family photoshoot for such a special occasion for us.  Was Rebecca’s information was useful, clear, and easy to…