Kids on the Coast Magazine May/June 2013 – Rebecca Colefax Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photography

Rebecca Colefax captures the journey into motherhood –

Her birth images featured in a story about IVF – Written by Maxine Arthur

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From the moment pregnancy begins so does a journey into motherhood. It’s a very beautiful time, filled with love and joy as preparations begin to welcome a new little person in the world! Expecting mum’s are glowing, happy and so excited about what’s to come and they always photograph beautifully!  Pregnancy Sessions are a heap of fun as we have time to capture and create wonderful memories of a very scared and beautiful time in your life.

When the moment comes, your new baby will enter the world with a sigh of relief! When I speak to mothers they quite often say the actual birth part happened too fast and they wish they could press the rewind button! As most of you know I can talk about birth photography until the cow’s come home but I won’t do that now, let me just say that birth photography is extremely beautiful, the images I take are a personal and private chronicle of your experience, your journey, your love. You get to keep these images for the rest of your life – even if you don’t look at them for years at least you will have the choice to reflect on them rather than regret having nothing!

A mother and her newborn baby is one of my favourite things to photograph. These images are best taken when the baby is between 4 – 10 days to capture their entire ‘newness’. It’s in this time newborn babies are quite happy to curl up and fairly good at being photographed in tiny little bundles. It’s here that I love to capture all the little things you never want to forget.

My mum always said to me and still does – ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ and now in hind sight – she was right! Luckily I’ve millions of photographs to help me remember, I just wish I could have bottled the overwhelming feelings of love, their smell, their pudgy soft perfect skin and every single little newborn feature…but time moves on! Please don’t let time pass you by without getting images of your loved ones!

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