{Birth Photography, is it for you?} Birth Photographer Sunshine Coast

Over the past six years I’ve attended and photographed many different births, families and situations.

Being a birth photographer however, is not about comparing the ‘type’ of births women have, nor judging them for how, where or why they birthed a particular way. It is about offering a choice as well as celebrating the miracle of a new life!

Yes, I do photograph naked woman and if requested their v’jay jays too, but I can assure you that being a woman and a birthing mother myself, I’m seriously not interested in the bits and pieces, I’m interested in capturing and documenting the tenderness, love and emotion surrounding your birth.

I believe birthing women need to feel beautiful, empowered, and connected with their inner strength and that the beauty of this realness can not only assist in nurturing a link with self, it can also aid in self healing.

Whether a birth includes emotions of fear, pain, joy, vulnerability, strength, determination or even sadness, using beautiful images to reflect upon if and when the time feels right, can have a positive outcome for all involved.

Now, more than ever, birthing women and families have the freedom to choose what is right for them and what will make their hearts happy.

This freedom to choose empowers people. Utilising resources to strengthen our perception of what is right for us regardless of what others may think, generates a greater sense of awareness gratitude and fulfillment that nurtures the soul. 

So whether or not birth photography is your cup of tea or what you would or wouldn’t do, it doesn’t really matter. What matter’s is…..the choice is yours!

Rebecca x

I personally wish to thank the people in these images. Not only did they allow me to photograph their special day, they gracefully allowed me to share these images with you. They are all heroes in my eyes, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you x

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In the last two years I’ve not only met many wonderful families, I’ve also formed some wonderful new friendships with like minded people both nationally and internationally including, doctors, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, care workers and support teams. I’ve also had a terrific support and feedback from private and public hospitals where I’ve worked. Combined, the common comment all professionals and parents say is that ‘they really love what I do and really admire why I’m doing it’ for they understand you can never go back and do it again!

If you like what you see, feel a connection with my work or have some questions please send me a message, I would love hear from you 🙂


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