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{Baby makes 3} Family and baby photography

Enjoying their littleness, for the grow all to quickly! Having portraits taken of the new baby in your life is very important, and if they have an older sibling it’s a perfect opportunity to capture this special time in all your lives! Click this link for basic package and price information. If you have further questions or wish to make a booking, send us a message and we’ll reply with […]

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{Why invest} in professional ‘quality’ photographs?

While some parents appreciate and value securing a professional photographer to capture their pregnancy, birth and or first few moments of their little baby’s life. Some search the internet looking for the ‘cheapest’ photographer hoping they’ll still get a stack of amazing ‘quality’ images! Regardless of the profession or product you are seeking, the words  ‘cheapest quality’ is really an oxymoron ! To me the […]

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{Baby brother} Newborn Goodness

Life with two children and a new baby is very busy to say the least! Energy levels and possibly care factor for anything other than uninterrupted sleep doesn’t really register in the first few days/weeks. This beautiful family however, decided that getting portraits was more important to them than anything else. And now they have a stunning series of images to last a lifetime and they couldn’t be […]

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{Pregnancy} photography or not?

I’ve been talking to so many mums lately and must admit, I keep hearing the same thing over and over…’I dont really have any nice photographs of when I was pregnant!’ So on behalf of all mums (who will never have this special time back again), the best pregnancy photo’s are actually ones with you in it! And it really is easy! All you have to do is get in touch, choose […]

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{Amazing} Fiji Wedding

Destination Weddings! When my gorgeous friend, Rowena Walker from Something Special Photography, asked if I could join her in Fiji to help her co-shoot a wedding, I literally jumped at the chance! The amazing location, combined with Ben and Sheralyn’s kind and generous spirit made this wedding particularly beautiful. Their love for each other was tender, yet playful and it was a delight to photograph them on their very special day! Here […]