{Sunrise Elopement} Noosa Wedding Photographer

From the initial contact right through to the day, our experience  was completely comfortable.

We loved the ease of communication, and beautiful images of course! 

Also the ability to have a bit of fun by wandering into the waves during the shoot really made our morning, mine especially!

Rebecca captured a special moment in time for us beautifully and can’t wait to receive the framed panoramic print for our living room!

We would DEFIANTLY recommend Rebecca!

Rebecca Colefax Photography-114.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-120.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-126.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-128.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-134.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-139.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-142.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-15.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-152.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-172.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-190.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-204.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-219.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-238.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-244.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-248.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-266.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-27.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-272.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-274.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-288.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-297.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-3.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-31.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-310.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-318.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-328.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-342.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-354.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-37.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-38.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-380.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-394.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-40.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-47.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-78.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-80.jpgRebecca Colefax Photography-87.jpg

Celebrant: Noosa Heads Celebrant Jacqueline Gray – 0419652681 

Florals: Naturelle Floral Design Joanne – 0437 313 775 Email –  naturelle@iinet.net.au

Dress: Spell Designs







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