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Stacey O
Our family have had the privilege of working with Rebecca for maternity, birth and newborn/family photos and I can truly say that she is exceptional in every way.

Her professionalism is second to none and we were delighted with the entire collection of images.

Rebecca documented our journey with amazing precision.

She managed to capture the essence of our family in her images with the little details that she noticed and photographed, not just stills of our faces.

Listening to what we were seeking, working tirelessly and improvising when required, she captured exactly what we were after with her own understated creative flair to deliver exceptional photos.

Beyond the images, she was always on time, delivered images very quickly and overall an absolute pleasure to work with.

Rebecca delivered maternity photos that made me look and feel like a goddess.

I never thought that I could look so good and feel beautiful when my ankles were so swollen and body not behaving.

I will never forget standing on the rock, looking into the ocean with the breeze on my skin and contemplating the fullness of my belly.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience and making me feel so feminine.

Capturing some very personal moments, Rebecca attended our birth with true grace, being available when needed and melting into the background as required through the whole event.

After such anticipation, nothing compares to the rawness of capturing the moment you first meet your baby and Rebecca did this seamlessly.

The birth images are some of my absolute favourite and well worth the investment (even if nobody else sees them).

Every time I look at them I feel the same sheer joy as that very moment.

Rebecca was wonderful with our whole family! She is so patient, friendly and welcoming, perfect for working with a busy toddler and newborn combo.

She worked continuously and had some great strategies to capture lovely photos of the new siblings and the whole family.

We are thrilled with the quality of the newborn photos.

Rebecca captured beautiful newborn images as well as the tiny details that change too quickly and are soon forgotten – the swirl of the hair, colour of the eyes, squishy lips, wrinkly skin.

I’m so glad that she has such an eye for detail to capture the minute details. Amazing!

Sincerely, thank you for everything you have done Rebecca.

I would not have changed anything about everything you delivered. Perfection!

Rebecca Colefax Photography Wedding Session-1

Esther P

Jaw-dropping photography that makes you say ‘WOW’!!!!!!! We loved Rebecca’s personal approach and outstanding professionalism!

We can’t wait to see more photos from our wedding & are so happy we chose Rebecca to capture it all!!!!

Highly recommended!!!! X

Rebecca Colefax Photography Family Session-1

Emily A

Or family beach session with Rebecca was such a great experience. She knew exactly where and how to get the special connection photos we were after.

She made it so easy to include our 3 year old and make him feel like he was playing the whole time.

Thank you so much for the amazing images we will cherish forever x

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-57

Adriana M

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for Rebecca being present at our sons birth and for the incredible photos that she took. She is an artist, capturing one of life’s most raw and beautiful moments.

We never found out the sex of our baby and now our first reaction is captured forever.

My husband catching him, the moment he was able to announce “It’s a boy!”, his first breath and every emotion on the roller coaster that followed was captured in all its rawness and beauty.

As a mama who ended up with a birth that was so far removed from anything we planned – including having our precious boy taken directly from the birth suite into the special care nursery for several days.

Having these photos is even more amazing because there is so much that I didn’t get to see or don’t remember happening.

A birth is such an intimate and highly emotional environment and aside from being able to blend into the walls, Rebecca also knew when to step back to give us a moment and was trustworthy and compassionate.

My husband and I are so grateful she was there. Her experience with many different types of birth situations together with her caring and calm nature made Rebecca an invaluable addition to our birth.

There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful we are for being able to relive the most magical moment of our lives anytime we choose.

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-63

Nicolle B

Oh my goodness!

Firstly, let me just say that you are simply fabulous at what you do! I love the perspectives you show us, and I love the compositions and colours.

I love the moments you capture, and I love that you make my husband and me, who are usually camera shy and awkward, look relaxed and happy!

Secondly, let me just say, “WOW!” We love them all!! 🙂

Rebecca Colefax Photography ABBY LAW-1-3

Abby L

I have known Rebecca for a number of years now. Rebecca is not only brilliant with a camera, she is a creative genius.

Rebecca has captured what I consider to be my most precious moments…my first child Ashley at 1 month old, my wedding to my darling husband and then my second child Nate also at 1 month old.

The moments she has captured for me have been both beautiful and then some with a little quirkiness (more to suit my personality) added in!

Her ability to catch the right frame at the right exact moment is uncanny, and this has produced some of the best photos for myself and my family that I will treasure forever.

I would never ever hesitate to recommend Rebecca to anyone, as she has amazing patience when it comes to newborns and babies and a natural ability to climb trees to get “that” shot at your wedding!

A truly naturally talented photographer.

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-142

Amy R

I was lucky to meet Rebecca during a special pregnancy yoga session one Saturday when she came in to class to chat to us about ‘positive birth experiences’.

I remember going home and raving to my partner about this amazing woman who was so in love with her own children and birth and babies in general that she had made me feel inspired about giving birth to my own son and excited about embarking on the journey of motherhood.

It was by pure chance that I discovered her love of children was rivaled only by her love of photography and that the two combined together create some of the most special images one could ever hope for.

Rebecca is absolutely brilliant with a camera and there is no denying she has that special touch when it comes to finding the right angle or that perfect lighting.

Even during my maternity shoot when I was not feeling my most beautiful, Rebecca managed to capture the happiness that was shared between my partner and I and the ‘pregnancy glow’ that I was adamant I didn’t have.

Then the newborn photos she captured of our darling little boy are still enough to bring tears to our eyes and I am so happy to have those precious moments for life.

It goes without saying that Rebecca is a natural and the fact that she is patient as well as a perfectionist enables her to be one of the most talented photographers I have ever met.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone who is considering having any kind of photos done, the memories she can give you will last a life time.

Rebecca Colefax Photography-1-143

Mellissa Z 

Pregnancy, birth and the new born baby stage are such special moments that most people get to experience for such a short period of time, so we knew we wanted to capture these moments with photography.

I was interested in birth photography but was a little apprehensive and thought that perhaps it might make the moment less intimate or I might be put off during labour by being photographed.

But after speaking with Rebecca we decided to go ahead with it and are glad we made the decision.

Having birthed three beautiful children, Rebecca was sensitive to my needs during labour and at no point did I feel that I could not be myself, or that the photography was intrusive.

Most of the time I did not even realise I was being photographed!

When we watched the slide show Rebecca put together of my birth experience, both my husband and I cried as we relived the amazing experience of the birth of our son.

The photos of my pregnancy, birth and of our newborn son captured these special moments forever and we are thrilled with the results.

Thanks Rebecca.


Can’t recommend Rebecca enough. Professional, talented and welcoming. Her work speaks for itself. Beautiful!

Diana P 

Great session, as a mum I felt comfortable and assured that my little man was in good hands.

Tina Marie R

Amazing at her job!! Won’t be disappointed. Thank you

Kristie M


Stacey J

Wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture these moments



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